‘I’m ready to go’: Adamo’s heartbreaking confession

The singer Adamo, who was forced to cancel his tour due to a health problem, confided in his vision of the time he has left to live.

Adamo © Belga Image

Adamo was forced to cancel his long promotional tour for his new album In French Please due to a health glitch. The 79-year-old singer suffers from a hematoma on a vocal cord which forces him to rest and remain silent.

In an interview with Télé Star which has just been published, Adamo confided in his vision of the time he has left to live:I try not to think but I’m ready to go. Life allowed me to do what I loved “, did he declare.

Several concerts ofAdamo are planned in Belgium in the coming months. In the meantime, the singer has undertaken a rehabilitation of the vocal cords and must rest his voice. In 2019, he had already had to undergo an operation which had prevented him from singing for three months.

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