Improvements on the new generation of Kindle

Expected as an unprecedented revolution, the electronic book constitutes the third stage in the material evolution of the object-book. Various inventions gave birth to e-readers, and the Kindle was born thanks to the giant American online commercial company.

This reader allows you to carry several thousand books in your pocket to read them everywhere and has features designed to allow readers to satisfy their passion for books. Thus in September 2022, Amazon is relaunching the 11th generation Kindle and Kindle Kids at the same time and is also preparing to release the 11th generation on October 12.e generation of its entry-level e-reader.

That said, Amazon’s e-readers will have a higher resolution screen, 300 PPI, more storage (16 GB instead of 8), as well as USB-C connectivity for charging and data transfer. .

General increase in prices

Users will now be able to have more improvements in their devices, and facilities that are felt at the level of significantly higher prices. The Amazon Kindle is sold at a price of 110 euros. As a reminder, the previous version was offered at a price of 80 euros at launch. And for 40 euros more, it is possible to afford the Kindle Paperwhite which offers a larger screen (6.7 inches) and is waterproof.

It must be said that the appearance of e-readers has really revolutionized reading, and has encouraged young people to adopt this intellectual practice. There is no doubt that there is no definitive conclusion to be drawn in favor or against the digital e-reader, but the broad orientation that currently prevails consists in considering the paper book and the e-reader as complementary tools intended to encourage avid readers to have a range of choices.


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