In the era of music streaming, the Walkman dreams of making a comeback

For a long time, listening to music was essentially done at home. We had to wait for Sony’s Walkman, launched in 1979 in the form of a compact cassette player, so that it invests the public space. But smartphones have gradually replaced pocket “MP3 players” thanks to the advent of online listening platforms. The latter represented 62% of the sector’s global turnover in 2021, according to figures from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

Nevertheless, sony seems determined to modernize the old favorite device of music lovers. The Japanese company recently unveiled two new models of Walkman, the NW-A306 and the NW-ZX707.

These walkmans are based on advanced technologies to offer “high fidelity” (“hi-fi”) quality for everyone.

Indeed, the general public attaches more and more importance to the sound quality he has in his ears. The craze of streaming platforms for music “lossless” (“without degradation”), spatial or in high resolution illustrates this phenomenon, as does the renewed interest in them vinyls.

Sony’s new music players use iEdge-AI artificial intelligence and the DSEE Ultimate technology (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) to improve the quality of music. Enough to allow music lovers to enjoy a sound “faithful to the intentions of the artist”, if we are to believe Sony.

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