Incredible price drop on Logitech products during winter sales (mouse, headset, steering wheel, etc.)

An event eagerly awaited each year by many consumers, the winter sales represent an unmissable opportunity to save money. While purchasing power is at the top of the minds of many French people, it would be a shame to miss out on the discounts offered for a few more days. Thanks to computer equipment and accessories offered at excellent value for money, Logitech has established itself as one of the leaders in the sector. The brand offers innovative, ergonomic products adapted to all needs (whether you are a gamer or a teleworker). With discounts of 20%, 30%, or even more on certain sites, Logitech products are currently at the heart of many offers. If you want to equip yourself, or if you need to renew your equipment, the 2023 winter sales end on February 7. After, it will be too late…

Top deals to grab on mice, headsets and other Logitech products

Unmissable offers on Logitech products during sales

The “Classic” range: essentials at the best price

The coronavirus pandemic that has hit the planet has completely revolutionized the way we work. Many French people have now switched to telework… willingly or by force! Thus, for many of us, it is essential to have suitable computer equipment at home. So that you can enjoy an optimal working environment, even when you are at home, Logitech has developed many accessories. Thus, in addition to computer keyboards and mice, you can also equip yourself with webcams for videoconferences. During the sales, these products are at the heart of many promotions on the various online sales sites.

Logitech also owes its fame to exclusive accessories designed for iPads. At the forefront of innovation, they integrate easily into your existing configuration. Some are currently being offered at unprecedented prices, such as the pencil powered by Apple Pencil technology. For leisure, Logitech has also developed different ranges of headphones and earphones, as well as speakers. Because we spend more and more time at home, the manufacturer has also thought about our security by offering cutting-edge video surveillance systems. During the sales, the brand’s best sellers, such as the MX Master 3 Advanced wireless mouse or the K380 Bluetooth keyboard for Windows, Apple iOS, Android and Chrome are at the heart of discounts that can reach up to 50%.

Logitech G, hardware designed for Gaming

To meet the requirements of gamers, Logitech has developed a whole range of products especially for them: Logitech G. Combining ergonomics and high technical characteristics, these accessories equip many eSport professionals. In addition to gaming mice and keyboards, the group’s research and development teams have also developed equipment that will allow you to enjoy an even more immersive gaming experience (driving, flying, exploration space, etc). One of the brand’s bestsellers, the Immerse helmet is also available at a knockdown price during the sales. Designed in partnership with Embody, it uses artificial intelligence that adapts the sound to the shape of your ears. In less than a minute, the headset captures the “image” of your ear to create a personalized profile. An innovation that has won over millions of gamers around the world, and which is currently seeing its price drop drastically for a few more days…

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