Inflation down slightly in December

Inflation according to the harmonized European index of consumer prices (HICP) reached 10.2% in December against 10.5% in November, Statbel indicated on Monday. The inflation rate excluding energy products, on the other hand, rose slightly to reach 7.5%, from 7.1% in November

Gas, electricity, dairy products, bread and cereals, meat, vegetables and heating oil are the sub-indices that have had the most significant positive impact on inflation. That of oils rose last month to 29.7%. Thirteen months ago, it was still 5.8%. For dairy products, inflation was 22.6%, compared to 1.5% in December 2021. Fish recorded inflation of 12.9% where it was 1.8% a year earlier. early. For bread and cereals, inflation reached 17.1% against 2.2% in December 2021. That of meat recorded a rate of 13.4%, against 1.1% a year earlier.

Electricity now costs 35.5% more than a year ago. Natural gas is 73.1% more expensive year-on-year. The price of heating oil increased by 21.7% compared to last year. Conversely, rents, telecommunications, hospital care, restaurants and cafes, furniture, fuel and clothing are the sub-indices that had the biggest negative impact on inflation during the month under review.

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