Innovation & Startup: Instagram launches a new silent feature

The Mother House Meta seeks at all costs to protect the teenagers. And a news functionality is already available on Instagram to help the youngest to concentrate. This is the silent mode, which allows you not to receive notifications for a certain period of time.

A new feature

This new feature has just made its appearance on Instagram. It was created specifically for teenagers. It seems, according to several American studies, that adolescents can no longer concentrate, because of the notifications received by social networks. To help them tune out, Instagram is launching a silent feature.

Once activated, the user on Instagram no longer receives notifications and their profile activity status changes. Thus, the others receive the information that he is busy at the moment. Likewise, an automatic reply is sent to those who send him a private message. Thus, the teenager (or any other user) will be able to manage his concentration time.

A new control tool

Instagram is based on a study that proves that teenagers need time for themselves. It seems that social networks do not allow them to find this time because they are constantly disturbed by notifications. Also, this feature allows you to offer them time and peace of mind.

This silent feature is currently offered in several countries, including the United States. Two other features will soon be implemented, allowing you to choose the content that will be shown to teenagers. It will thus be possible not to see content including certain words, emojis or hashtags. These are interesting control tools, which could help with better management of social networks. Cheer !

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