Instagram is launching a new silent mode!

There have been a lot of updates on Instagram lately. This time, the social network has decided to release a new silent mode, intended to respect the concentration time of its users.

The cure for contemporary ills

How to manage to concentrate while the notifications accumulate on your smartphone? This is the question raised by instagramwhich released a new silent mode allowing its users to take a break.

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This new mode also allows you to disable all notifications for a defined time. Users will be able to configure time slots during which they do not wish to receive anything from the social network. Alerts can also be set up, allowing us to inform our contacts of our absence for a certain period of time.

More brain time available

And this update is not insignificant: indeed, we now know that social networks have harmful consequences on mental health and on our concentration time. A book that deals very well with this subject is Goldfish civilization by Bruno Patino, President of ARTE.

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“Teenagers told us that they sometimes want to take time for themselves and that they may be looking for other ways to concentrate at night, during their studies and at school. You can easily customize your “silent mode” times to suit your schedule and once the feature is turned off, we’ll show you a brief summary of notifications so you can catch up on what you missed. » So indicates Instagram.

A disturbing syndrome

Indeed, since the advent of social networks, the FOMO syndrome has developed – “Fear of missing out” – or fear of missing something important. This syndrome makes the person anxious at the thought of missing important news, which pushes users, especially teenagers, to be constantly on their phone to check notifications and scroll through the news feed of their favorite applications.

Thanks to these new features, Instagram will allow users to have more control over their available brain time, and to implement techniques allowing them to detach themselves from the social network in order to concentrate on other tasks. You still have to have the will…!

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