Internet disgusted by Japanese Eatery’s live frog sushi dish

Apart from being famous for its vast technological advancements, Japan is also known for its mouth-watering sushi dishes. Although many people around the world don’t like the idea of ​​enjoying raw fish, others seem to like exotic cuisine. Countries like Japan, China, and Korea are being detained for making bizarre foods from animals or even insects, which are devoured by residents.

Recently, an old video uploaded to YouTube showing a famous Japanese restaurant serving a live frog as a sushi dish has surfaced on the internet capable of giving you goosebumps.

Shared on the video platform by a YouTube channel named wreckognyzetv, the video warns viewers of “disturbing” content ahead. The caption reads: “Disturbing AF: HOW PEOPLE IN JAPAN EAT LIVE FROG SUSHI.”

The alarming video takes us to the streets of Japan, more precisely to the famous Asadachi restaurant in Tokyo, which specializes in the preparation of particular delicacies and ready-made sashimi or raw fish dishes. In this case, the restaurant shocked everyone by cooking bullfrog sushi.

The minute-long video reveals a man, likely the restaurant’s chef, grabbing a bull frog by the neck. He then mercilessly peels off the amphibian’s skin and tears off the inedible parts of the frog with his hands.

As the video progresses, users are horrified to find the countless cuts the leader marks on the creature’s body. He then adds a certain amount of soy sauce, garnishing the dish with lemon and black pepper, before serving it to a customer.

The customer who went to the restaurant to try the bullfrog sushi uses her chopsticks to dip the pieces of frog meat into a sauce and devours it. The woman’s expression and her smile indicated that she had enjoyed the meal.

The video proved sickening to YouTube users who pointed out that the frog was still alive when the helpless amphibian was served on the plate. He writhed in excruciating pain as the woman happily chewed on the dish, they noted.

“I may be disgusted by frogs but I think we can all agree that this is animal abuse,” denounced a user. “Rest in peace. Mr. Frog… How can you eat while he’s watching you? asked another furious user.

Earlier, in another viral video, a store in Japan was seen serving fried dumpling flavored soda to customers, who vomited after consuming the drink.

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