Internet in Belgium: average traffic down in 2022

In 2022, internet traffic fell for the first time in Belgium after several years of growth, according to data from BNIX, the national internet node through which a large part of Belgian traffic passes, unveiled on Monday. The average traffic was 198 Gbit/s last year, down 13% compared to the figure of 224 Gbit/s recorded in 2021. As for the annual peak, it was reached during the national strike day of the November 9 (480 gigabits/s at 5 p.m.).

These figures do not surprise us

In reality, this drop is rather a return to normal after the measures against the coronavirus, notes Belnet, the IT partner for research, education and administrations, which manages the BNIX platform. In 2022, both the average traffic and the peaks were lower than those of the record year of 2021. This is explained by the lifting of the main restrictions which weighed on businesses and individuals during the coronavirus pandemic. “These figures do not surprise us“, declares in a press release Stefan Gulinck, co-responsible for BNIX as Network Architect at Belnet.

Compulsory teleworking during the crisis has greatly increased video call traffic, while the general public has spent its time in front of the TV during the confinements. The removal of these measures has reduced traffic on BNIX from the end of 2021 and throughout 2022“.

The data collected also show the definitive disappearance of the large evening peak. From now on, for each working day, we see that Internet traffic is represented by a plateau, going from morning (from 8 am) to evening (until at least 10 pm). This trend is also largely explained by the rise of the cloud in companies, which generates massive data traffic, especially during the day.

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