Interview with Taoufik Allam, the winner of the Dublin Marathon

– On Sunday 30 October, the traditional Dublin marathon took place. You have won the men’s race. How do you explain your victory?

– I am very happy to win this marathon ahead of the best Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes. It gave me joy to be able to represent the Kingdom in this world sports competition. It is a pride. I would like to thank His Excellency the Moroccan Ambassador to Ireland, Lahcen Mahraoui, for welcoming and encouraging me on this occasion.

– Was this experience hard? In terms of training, how do you work? Are you accompanied by a trainer or are you managing this on your own?

– This feat is no coincidence. Behind, there are long hours of work and racing with my trainer Boubker Rizki who watches over my well-being and my performance. He boosted me and allowed me to have confidence in myself to succeed. Every day, I do two loops in the forest. The first at 9 a.m. and the second at 6 p.m. I run an average of 200 km per week. To be ready for a marathon, you need at least three months of training. A diet of four meals a day, consisting mainly of protein and vitamins, is important. All training with my trainer is done between Azrou (1,300) and Ifrane (1,600 m altitude).

– Do you plan to run again this year? Is there a race that particularly excites you?

– My goal is to resume racing after 2 or 3 months to have the number required to participate in the international competition with the national team. Now I have to take a rest. My biggest ambition is to engrave my name in the big marathon races. Like any athlete, the dream is to wear the colors of the national flag loud and clear in major international competitions, including the Olympic Games.

– What assessment do you make of national athletics? Do we have good athletes?

– National athletics is on the right track thanks to the strategy led by the Royal Moroccan Athletics Federation (FRMA) chaired by Abdeslam Ahizoune. There are promising skills that will speak their word in the future. Moreover, this year was full of titles, whether in road races, Midmar, or the feat of Soufiane Bakkali who honored the Kingdom at the Tokyo Olympics last summer.

– A last word on this practice of running that you no doubt see growing over the years?

– I want to speak to young talents and invite them to train thoroughly, not to give up and have confidence in themselves, because it ends up paying off. Discipline and commitment are important. Studies too.


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