iOS 16.3 will offer a long-awaited new feature for the Home app

At the end of 2022, Apple rolled out the new Home and HomeKit architecture. Understand that the source code services has been revised in the background, for better communication stability between your iOS devices and your connected equipment. Unfortunately, the success will only be short-lived, as users will quickly report annoying bugs. To the point of sometimes making their facilities totally unusable.

When you know that some people match their blinds, their light bulbs or even their locks to it, it is easy to understand that this can cause trouble for them and for the developer. And this was the case, since very quickly Apple will backtrack and decide tocancel its update to return to the original Home app. Since then, Internet users have been in the dark about possible fixes. But that would be about to change, very soon.

The new architecture is on the way

Indeed, our colleagues from Apple Insider have identified a screenshot evoking this update and shared by an iOS 16.3 beta user. This version has actually been in early access for the general public recently, with its share of improvements for security or music.


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For the moment, however, remember that it is not yet advisable to get up to date. In effect, iOS 16.3 is potentially still riddled with bugs so it is better to wait for the final version to enjoy it. This should not be long; it is expected by the end of January at the latest.

What’s new with Home, in iOS 16.3?

Concretely, the next version of the Home app which should arrive with iOS 16.3 will only bring no real major difference on the interface side. It’s actually rather behind the scenes that everything is played out, with software modifications dedicated to making objects connected via HomeKit more efficient. This therefore also concerns your HomePod speakers and any other home automation equipment such as sockets, switches or compatible alarms and smoke detectors.

With this, let’s also remember that Apple has started to deploy Matter, a new standard aimed this time at making its HomeKit functionalities and devices interoperable with those of competing brands, like amazon. - Official App – Official App

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