iPhone 14, is it worth its price?

On September 7, the giant Apple unveiled its new range of iPhones. To do so, 4 new models have been unveiled. With a small change this year: the iPhone mini and its small screen no longer exist, it has been replaced by the iPhone 14 with a larger screen.

Barely a week from the launch, this new range is already talking about it among enthusiastic customers and others puzzled by the sharp increase in price, compared to the old version. One would even wonder if the 13 pro would be more interesting than the 14?

Is there really any real change?

If we take into consideration that the screen is one of the first criteria where customers expect a clear improvement, the new iPhone has almost the same screen as the previous version “the super retina XDR” with a small increase of 460 pixels per inch and a definition of 1170 pixels in width for 2532 pixels in height.

On the performance side, the 14 does not seem to bring very big improvements, since it also has the A15 bionic chip. In addition, the iPhone 14 benefits from 6 GB of RAM where the iPhone 13 was limited to 4 GB.

Side camera and camera considered to be the most popular functions of the iPhone, again there are not very big changes at first sight. The only slight difference is that the main sensor had an aperture of f/1.6 on the iPhone 13 and changes to f/1.5. Users can expect better brightness for sharper and more enhanced photo rendering.

Thus, the cinematic video mode switches to 4K HDR 30 fps instead of 1080p HDR 30 fps on the iPhone 13. The latest iPhone also offers Action mode which allows you to have a stabilized video even when filming while running . Last point to take into consideration, and not least, remains the selling price: indeed the prices of the iPhones 14 are considered exorbitant.

For example in Europe and other countries like Morocco, the launch prices are very high compared to the 13. In fact, if we do the math: for the iPhone 14 we can count: 10290 DHS for the 128 GB, 11,490 DHS for 256 GB, 13,790 DHS for 512 GB, which makes last year’s 13 pro max significantly more profitable.

So what to choose?

According to the criteria cited, some new features of the iPhone 14 are interesting such as Action mode, 4K cinematic mode, the arrival of autofocus on the front sensor… However, the iPhone 14 does not seem like the expected revolution. It would rather be a polished version of the iPhone 13.

On the other hand, if you want to buy your first iPhone or if you have an older model, the choice can be more complex. The best value for money is certainly the iPhone 13, especially if for a phone with a large storage capacity.


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