iPhone 14 Pro stocks are at their lowest before the holiday season

Want to put an iPhone 14 Pro under the Christmas tree? This may be more complicated than expected. Apple has released a page dedicated to Christmas purchases which takes stock of the stocks of devices still available before the end of the year holidays ; and it’s already too late for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

If most headed devices indicate an order deadline before December 22 to be delivered before Christmas, the two ultra high-end iPhones are already sold out. And it’s not just about the Apple site; many resellers display delivery dates from December 25, or even sometimes from the beginning of January, a sign that device stocks are at their lowest almost everywhere in France and around the world. Note that some iPad and AirPods models have a December 1 order deadline.

Covid-19 disrupts factories

This shortage is quite unprecedented for Apple, which usually experiences a chaotic post-launch period, but which otherwise fills up with orders before the end of the year holidays. If the situation can be partly explained by the popularity of the iPhone 14 Pro compared to the standard iPhone 14the lack of stock is also due to the epidemic situation in China. At the beginning of Novemberthe company was already warning that delivery times would be extended due to a spike in Covid-19 contamination in China which forced the Zhengzhou factory to operate with “significantly reduced capacity.

If you want to find an iPhone 14 Pro to put under the tree before the end of December, you will therefore have to scan the various merchant sites and physical shops around you to hope to find the survivors. Otherwise you can always buy an iTunes gift card, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of that.

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