iPhone always on screen goes dark

One of the new features of the iPhone 14 Pro is the introduction of an always-on screen to check the time, widgets and notifications even when the smartphone is asleep. A divisive function, due to a slightly too daring implementation. iOS 16.2 should fix all that.

It is often said that Apple is a brand that does as it pleases, but that is not so true. The proof, as it had already been able to do in the past (Safari in iOS 15, return of ports on MacBooks, etc.), the Californian company seems to have admitted that its implementation of the always-on screen, a function that owners of a familiar Android mobile, was not unanimous. It must be said that, on the iPhone 14 Pro, the always-on screen was way too bright. Since it didn’t turn off the wallpaper, it created a permanent source of distraction, which could only be an incentive to turn the feature off.

The third beta version of iOS 16.2, which should be released in December, will fix all that. It allows owners of an iPhone 14 Pro to activate the “always on display” mode in a less aggressive way, by disabling several display settings.

Why the always-on screen did not please

First of all, it is important to explain why the first implementation of the always-on screen with Apple sauce was not unanimous.

As Numerama regretted in his test, “this always-on screen disturbs its user and others”.

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