Is Apple working on its own metaverse for its future VR headsets?

Will we witness the launch of the Applevers? The Cupertino company seems to be looking into creating a 3D virtual world to accompany its future virtual reality (VR) headset. After analyzing the firm’s latest job offers, Mark Gurman mentions in his last newsletter for Bloomberg Apple’s tracks for the future.

Intriguing job offers

Nothing is official yet, but according to observers, Apple is about to finalize its VR headset. It would be a high-end device with multiple cameras and an M2 chip. The product could well be accompanied by an original and unprecedented software layer. According to the latest job postings, Apple is looking for a software producer with experience around visual effects and video games. He must be able to create content optimized for virtual and augmented reality environments.

Similarly, Apple would seek to surround itself with a team “video” with 3D capabilities around its future VR headset. This would explain in particular the acquisition by the apple brand of NextVR in 2020. The announcements also specify the search for several engineers capable of working on development tools intended for virtual and augmented reality. Positions related to the App Intents framework are also in demand. So many announcements that could corroborate the implementation of Siri and the Shortcuts app on the future VR headset.

“A 3D Mixed Reality World”

Even more surprising, Apple wants to hire a developer to “build tools and frameworks that enable connected experiences in a 3D mixed reality world”. Understand between the lines the creation of a virtual world sauce metaverse. “You’ll work closely with Apple’s UI framework, human interface designer, and system capability teams, challenging you to think outside the box and solve incredibly challenging and interesting problems in the 3D application space. ”specifies the offer.

First data on the creation of a virtual world to be taken conditionally as Apple’s projects are secret. Recently, Tim Cook had mocked Meta (Facebook)’s overall view of the metaverse. “I think it’s important for people to understand what things are. And I’m really not sure the general public can tell what the metaverse is”he launched in an interview with the Dutch media rtlnieuws.

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