Is macOS less affected than Windows by viruses?

When it comes to cybersecurity, Macs have long had a much better reputation than PCs. But what about really in 2022? That’s what researchers at Elastic Security Labs wondered in a report released this week.

Concrete threats to Macs

Analysts examined the various computer operating systems to better gauge the risks. As usual, Apple is doing the best. Thus, 54% of malware infections were found on Windows, 39.4% on Linux, and 6.2% on macOS.

Be careful though, this does not mean that Mac users are safe. On the contrary, the authors of this report believe that Trojans constitute by far the main threat to them. Remember that this is malware installed on the computer.

The most used would be MacKeeper. The latter is not necessarily the most dangerous but it has the annoying tendency to add unwanted advertisements. What make navigation particularly painful.

Analysts are also warning about cryptominers targeting macOS. They could be more numerous in the future. This is malware that secretly mines cryptocurrency. This can significantly slow down your processor using almost all of its resources.

How to protect yourself?

Other viruses pose threats to Macs. To cite just one example, we spoke to you in particular last March about “Gimmick” which targeted machines in Big Sur. He is able imitate installed applications and take control of your personal data. Enough to endanger your files saved in the Mac, while a total takeover of the computer remotely is not to be excluded.

We can therefore strongly advise you to be vigilant, and in particular not to use unknown sources when installing software on your Mac. Installation a good antivirus is also important. - Official App – Official App

By: Keleops AG

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