Is Viserys dead and of what disease?

King Viserys’ death seems to be advanced in House of the Dragon unlike in the Fire and Blood books.

As Game Of Throneshis prequel series House of the Dragon is also about royal backstage politics and intrigue. But unlike the previous series, the prequel focuses on one family in particular: House Targaryen.

King Viserys I Targaryen, who then reigned over the kingdom, is the source of all the disagreements. He lost his wife Aemma and son Baelon in the first episode. Viserys then chose his daughter Rhaenyra to succeed him to the throne. Big mistake for a country committed to patriarchy.

The king later remarried Allicent Hightower and had another son, Aegon. Of course, this second offspring is at the center of all the conspiracies, this male heir allegedly having the preference of the lords of the kingdom for a succession.

Of course, this succession will only happen when the king is dead. This death has long been announced, but the most recent episode finally seems to have sealed the fate of Viserys.

Is Viserys really dead in House of the Dragon ?

Episode 5 “We Light the Day” shows Rhaenyra fulfilling the promise made to her father by marrying Laenor Velaryon. However, nothing goes as planned. First, on the boat that takes the king and his heiress to her future husband, Viserys vomits overboard and coughs profusely.

At the wedding afterwards, a fight breaks out, leaving Laenor’s lover dead. Later, we even see a rat feasting on the blood spilled in the room. Which seems to presage the war between the heirs to access the throne. But the episode saves the best for last.

So, just after Rhaenyra and Laenor take their vows, Viserys collapses again. It even seems that this time the king is dead for good in House of the Dragon. But is this really the case? Let’s turn to the books for an answer.

Did the books have the same version?

In The iron Throne, Viserys does not die on Rhaenyra’s wedding day. Their marriage was held in the year 114 while Viserys died in 129 in less dramatic circumstances. In this book, the king is indeed dead in his sleep. His passing is later kept secret by Queen Allicent to secure her son Aegon’s claim to the throne.

If we stick only to the books, we will therefore have to wait a little longer. However, GRR Martin was never shy about tweaking the story a bit for the screen. Moreover, everything suggests that the king is indeed dead this time, especially the appearance of Alicent at the end of the episode.

It therefore seems that the death of Viserys has been advanced in House of the Dragon for convenience. A character less to see suffer then.

What disease ate Viserys?

Putting an end to fan speculation, the creators of House of the Dragon revealed last week the illness that ultimately took Viserys. Thus, the king would have been the victim ofa form of leprosy.

In any case, his end on the screen will have been less sadistic than that of another Viserys…

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