“It would be an absolute dream”, Roger Federer would like to finish Sunday with a double with Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer’s final tour is in full swing. Arrived this Tuesday in London to play the Laver Cup, his last official competition, the legend of world tennis took his last marks on the court of the O2 Arena. He took the opportunity to confide in his decision to stop everything to RTS (Swiss Radio Television), as well as on his next occupations, still in the world of tennis.

“I felt at the start of the summer that my progress was not satisfactory, that my knee was not leaving me alone, says the 41-year-old newly retired. At Wimbledon, I still believed in it, I thought it could still happen. Then I got a scan that wasn’t great, and there was no more progress. In a few days, I told myself that it was over. Honestly, I didn’t want to anymore. This day was not easy, I was very moved. I had a tear or two but I’m happy and glad I took the step. I am very relieved and happy to have had the career that I had”.

One thing is already certain, Roger Federer won’t play singles in the Laver Cup: “It’s impossible. I think I’m going to play the double on Friday night. “If he plays, it will be Friday evening, and why not with a certain Rafael Nadal? “It would be an absolute dream,” he said. I think I manage to play at an acceptable level, but it’s been a long time since I played a real game, it’s going to come out hard and the pressure will be high. But if I don’t play, it won’t be a problem. The main thing is that I can thank the fans and that they can see me. »

The former king of world tennis Roger Federer hinted, without further details, that he would remain close to the world of tennis after his retirement, when he arrived in London on Tuesday to play the Laver Cup, his last official competition. : “I would like to organize an exhibition with the players of my choice, and I hope to achieve this in the next six months. I myself don’t know exactly what my future will be like, but I would like not to completely distance myself from this sport which has given me everything”.

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