it’s already too late to get the smartphone for Christmas if you order it today

You only have a few days left to act if you hope to have an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max under the tree. Indeed, Apple indicates on its site that the smartphones will be delivered on October 22 if they are ordered today. The standard and Plus models, on the other hand, can be delivered the day after the order is placed. We explain to you what is going on.

iphone 14 pro max review
The iPhone 14 Pro Max

In recent years, you have to take it seriously in advance for a nice gift for tech lovers. Indeed, the shortage of components has not made life easier for players and other smartphone owners (to name a few), nor that of their loved ones. This year will be no exception to previous ones: if you plan to offer a iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max to someone, we seriously advise you not to delay too long.

Indeed, the Apple site is formal: if you order one of these models today, it will not arrive before December 22. Suffice to say that you do not have much room for maneuver if this gift is still in your plans. The fault of component supply problems, but also the production chain which has been disrupted in recent days.

You don’t have much time left to order an iPhone 14 Pro Max for Christmas

Indeed, Apple is initially facing a very high demand for its two most powerful models. The firm is trying somehow to increase its production capacitybut it now faces a major problem: drastic restrictions in China and Taiwan, due to the appearance of many cases of COVID-19.

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A few days ago, an iPhone 14 Pro manufacturing plant owned by Foxconn has closed, further aggravating the situation. For the time being, Apple therefore seems to be holding up, with rather reasonable delivery times given the situation. So let’s hope that things will gradually improve as 2023 approaches. It should also be noted that the less powerful models do not present any problems and can be delivered the next day.

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