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The iPhone 14 benefits from an excellent discount and goes to 900 euros at La Poste Mobile with a 100 GB package. Such a reduction is very rare on such a recent iPhone, and especially with a non-binding offer.

Released just two months ago, the iPhone 14 is already at a reduced price at La Poste Mobile. Apple’s flagship sees its price drop from 1,019 to 900 euros (after ODR of 50 euros) with the French operator’s 100 GB SIM mobile plan. This is the bargain of the moment. La Poste Mobile also allows you to pay for the smartphone in 4 monthly installments of 237.50 euros.

Getting such a recent iPhone with a discount of more than 100 euros is already exceptional. The offer is all the more so since the 100 GB SIM package is non-binding and offered at the contained price of 14.99 euros per month.

iPhone 14: a premium and recent smartphone with a nice discount

Apple launched last September its iPhone 14. This emblematic smartphone brings together all the qualities to which the Apple brand has accustomed us:

  • a refined and resistant design with an aluminum finish;
  • a stunning 6.1-inch OLED display;
  • remarkable performance provided by the A15 Bionic chip;
  • a good camera.
Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner

On the photo and video side, the iPhone 14 brings together two 12-megapixel photo sensors on the back, including a wide-angle associated with an optical image stabilizer and an ultra-wide-angle with a field of 120 degree vision

The Cupertino company is not embarking on a race for megapixels, but above all relies on solid software processing. The iPhone 14 offers a series of options to improve the quality and sharpness of shots taken at night or in low light.

Shot up to 4K, the videos also benefit from good software support with, for example, the Cinematic mode responsible for automatically focusing on the person being filmed, or the Action mode for clear sequences even when you are filming. moving.

As a bonus, this mobile running iOS 16 displays a record autonomy of up to two days with moderate use.

Launched last September at 1,019 euros, the iPhone 14 is currently available at only 900 euros (after ODR) at La Poste Mobile with the 100 GB SIM-free mobile plan.

A mobile plan tailored for the iPhone 14

With its 100 GB of data and its floor price of 14.99 euros per month (12.99 euros per month for customers who have subscribed to an SFR box at a post office), this over-equipped mobile plan from La Poste Mobile is one of of the best offers of the moment.

This 100 GB SIM package allows unrestricted use of your smartphone. No more question of depriving yourself, with such an amount of data, you can watch streaming videos for hours daily. You can even share your internet connection with your tablet or laptop when you’re away.

According to ARCEP, the French telecoms policeman, the average consumption of mobile data is 13 GB in 4G. The 100 GB SIM package is therefore very comfortable.

To 14.99 euros per month, here is what this offer from La Poste Mobile includes:

  • unlimited calls in mainland France, from overseas departments, overseas departments and the European Union;
  • unlimited SMS and MMS in mainland France and from overseas departments, overseas departments and the European Union;
  • 100 GB of data in mainland France;
  • 15 GB of data from the European Union (deducted from the 100 GB envelope);
  • a non-binding package;
  • a 5G option at 5 euros per month, cancellable at no additional cost and at any time;
  • the quality of the SFR network;
  • the loan of a smartphone in case of loss or theft;
  • access to advisers 6/7 days in post offices, by telephone, but also online on the operator’s website.

And unlike some of the non-binding mobile offers, the price of the 100 GB SIM plan does not increase after a year.

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