JACKPOT JOMUNA has assets to promote.

JACKPOT JOMUNA (614) will depart from Price of Gavray, Wednesday in Vincennes (R-3). Here are the impressions of the trainer, Pavel Tamsin (photo). By Stephane Davy.

“This horse makes me happy. He won in particular in the summer outing, in Abbeville. Since then, he obtained a good 2nd place in Mauquenchy, at the end of November. And for his debut, in Vincennes (note, 5th on December 8) , he made a good end of race after having waited at the back. Romain Derieux who was driving him that day was satisfied. In addition, the horse achieved the best last kilometer of the peloton. His split times were good. On the other hand, he was not disturbed by the big track of Vincennes. On the contrary, he accelerated well on the rope side, in the last corner. The horse will show up in excellent condition. I think he can start faster than last time. It is relatively practical. In short, it has assets to make. I see him having a good chance.”

He adds : “JUST A DOLLAR, another 4-year-old is also a quality trotter. In my opinion, it has a very good engine but it remains weak at the start. Right now, that’s his main flaw. NICE PRESENT was to run at Mauquenchy last weekend. However, he was eliminated. The horse is in good shape. I plan to field it at the beginning of February, the 2nd, at Vincennes.”

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