Jeff Bezos announces he will donate most of his fortune

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said he would give away the majority of his career fortune, in his lifetime. His ex-wife had already started to play an important role as a philanthropist in 2019.

In an interview for CNN, alongside his girlfriend, Jeff Bezos, whose fortune is estimated according to Forbes at around 124.1 billion dollars, announced that he would donate most of his estate during his life. .

The billionaire did not specify how he intended to donate his money, or whether he was going to do so for charities or to encourage other entities.

“The hardest part is figuring out how to do it effectively,” Bezos said in the interview, adding that he’s been working on bringing the idea to fruition.

“Building Amazon was not easy. It took a lot of hard work and very smart teammates. And I find that philanthropy is very similar. It is not easy. It’s really hard,” he said.

Bezos had been criticized in the past for not signing the Giving Pledge, the campaign started by Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates and Warren Buffet to encourage billionaires to donate the majority of their wealth through philanthropy.

For his part, his ex-wife McKenzie Scott had signed this commitment in 2019 and became a great philanthropist for American charities.

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