JODIE D’ALBRET is above all a right-hander.

Bruno Vanacker (photo) will delegate two of its boarders on Wednesday to the Toulouse racecourse (R-4). He delivered his impressions to our journalist St├ęphane Davy :

JODIE D’ALBRET (106) raced in June at Vincennes. We did a test because it now turns better on the left, but it is above all a right-hander. I also think that, in the immediate future, it does not have the Parisian level. She would have to go back several times to get used to it. Then she had nothing good to run this summer. She therefore benefited from a summer break. She has expanded a bit. Wednesday is still a back-to-school race. That said, she works well. Besides, she could have run at the end of August in Vichy. It has for it to be practical, serious and manageable. It is efficient flat track. It should draw a good end of race and can claim an accessit. Note that it will be lightened in its fitting. It will be an advantage. Then she could run the Regional Final.

Re, JARMELLE FLOWER (803), it took me a while to learn how to “manage” it. It behaved well recently at Castelsarrasin, especially as it had to cover the distance. It evolves in its category and is not out of business to obtain a check. Only problem: It still lacks maneuverability and with so many horses at the same level, I dread the start of the race. We will try to adapt.”

He adds : “IDEA FIXED BREIZH should not return to Vincennes this winter. It works well but it is not yet at the top. She is brave but we currently have to deal with her little joint pains.

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