Joe Burrow taking more sacks than ever in Year 3

Cincinnati Bengals v Dallas Cowboys

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In his rookie year, Joe Burrow suffered a season-ending injury on a sack, and the Bengals said they needed to improve their offensive line. In his second year, Burrow was sacked more than any other quarterback in the NFL, and the Bengals again said they needed to improve their offensive line.

Now Burrow is in his third year, and he’s getting sacked more than ever.

Burrow was sacked six times in Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys, a week after he was sacked seven times in a loss to the Steelers. Through two games, Burrow has been sacked 13 times, which puts him on pace for a preposterous 111 sacks in a season. The NFL record is 76, set by David Carr with the expansion Texans in 2002.

Burrow certainly won’t be sacked 111 times this year, in part because he won’t stay healthy long enough to take 111 sacks if he keeps getting hit this often. But despite the way the Bengals prioritized revamping their offensive line over the offseason, the situation has not improved.

And that’s because improving is ultimately on Burrow, who needs to get better at seeing the pass rush coming and getting rid of the ball quickly. Burrow is one of the NFL’s best young passers, but he simply isn’t good enough at avoiding sacks. The Bengals need him to get better in a hurry.

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