Jrada Malha” by Driss Roukhe previewed in Paris

The Moroccan film “L’Egarée: Jrada Malha”, directed by Driss Roukhe, was screened Friday evening in preview in Paris, as part of its first release in cinemas in France.

The feature film was screened at the Grand Rex in Paris, the largest cinema in Europe, in the presence of the director of the film, several actors and the producer.

The film’s release in France coincides with its entry into competition at the 22nd edition of the National Film Festival, which takes place from September 16 to 24 in Tangier.

The feature film received several distinctions: Jury Prize for Best Feature Film (Fiction) at the Toronto Film Channel (Canada) and Best Director Prize at the Alexandria International Festival of Mediterranean Film (Egypt).

“L’égarée: Jrada Malha” has been selected at prestigious international film festivals such as Buffalo International Film Festival (United States), The Netherlands Film Festival (Netherlands), International auteur film festival in Rabat ( Morocco), Durban International Film Festival (South Africa), Montreal Independent Film Festival (Canada), Abuja International Film Festival (Nigeria) and many Arab and international film festivals.

The film “Jrada Malha” is a 125-minute psychological thriller that tells the story of Ranya, a young woman who finds herself at the center of a conspiracy. She was “programmed” and manipulated by members of a mysterious organization, to serve in an experiment conducted by these people for a very specific purpose.

Stripped of her memories, with a muddled memory, Ranya decides to go in search of her true life lost in a plot to rule the world by conditioning high-ranking figures. A well-designed system to watch, rule and reign.

The main cast of the film, directed by Driss Roukhe, who co-wrote the screenplay with Adnane Mouhejja, are Mouna R’miki, Adnane Mouhejja, Driss Roukhe, Abderrahim El Meniari, Fatima Zahra Bennacer and Khansa Batma.


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