Just Dance 2023 is dated and has a new look

The inexhaustible just dance comes back again (the opposite would have frankly surprised us), but this time, Ubisoft has decided to propose a few minor changes that could make the experience a little more pleasant, and above all make players want to get this new episode which will be simply titled Just Dance 2023.

We should therefore, if the promises are kept, discover a completely reimagined menu as well as the possibility, for those who would go through the online subscription system, of having a selection of songs offered by the game according to those you would have appreciated before. Everything would be updated regularly with new songs, new game modes (including the possibility of playing six, remotely) and many other things. In addition to this, the title will benefit from new more dynamic environments that should change us a little. The artistic direction has therefore been reviewed, and that’s good news!

Finally, the announcement of the game was also an opportunity for Ubisoft to announce the release date of Just Dance 2023 which will land on our consoles on November 22, 2022to the delight of dance and music fans.

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