JUSTICE D’ORGUEIL should soon be talking about her again…

Bruno Vanacker (photo) will be present on Monday at Agen-Le Passage (R-3). He tells us about his starters. By Stephane Davy :

KYRIELLE D’ALBRET (307) is brave and serious. It does not have a very large model but it is well proportioned, well “exploded”. She has facilities. It should also be noted that I have been working with his breeder for more than twenty years, who has seven or eight broodmares. This filly opened her prize list in November, at Beaumont-de-Lomagne, with Michael Charlotte. Then, in Bordeaux (note, 4th on 18-12), she behaved well in a speed exercise which was not made to her advantage. On Monday, I think the Agen course will suit her because she is practical and has a good final speed point. I expect confirmation.

After his victory at Salon-de-Provence, at the end of March, JUSTICE OF PRIDE (604) was intentionally preserved. I didn’t want to inflict stressful races on him during the summer. She is tall, beautiful and late. She now has three courses in her legs. She is ready. Lastly, in Bordeaux, it ran better than its raw classification indicates. In my opinion, she should soon be talking about her again.”

He adds: “In my “K”, Kyrielle d’Albret is the one that displays more facilities. She is precocious. On his side, Kalinka d’Albret shows me dispositions. It’s tough but right now, it lacks speed and thrust. She’ll get better with time.”

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