Karate Kid sequel confirmed to be in Cobra Kai universe

The Cobra Kai creator has touched on the upcoming Karate Kid movie and confirmed to fans that it will tie into what’s happening in the Netflix series. Look what he said!

cobra-kai has become one of the most popular and commented series today, since it managed to reinvent the films of Karate Kid in another format within the streaming service netflix. The big news last week was that Sony Pictures will be developing a new film in the franchise and has sparked fan interest in the universe that has been created on the small screen. Given this, its creator spoke about it.

Will the new Karate Kid movie be part of Cobra Kai?

Along with the great acceptance the show has, Sony Pictures has confirmed it will be producing a new Karate Kid movie, being a return to the franchise following the 2010 reboot starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. Faced with this novelty, fans began to imagine situations in which the characters of cobra-kai get involved in the film, but to clarify the situation, the creator spoke Jon Hurwitz.

In view of the many doubts and questions from his followers on social networks, Hurwitz was responsible for confirming that the series and the film were unrelated.. On Twitter he wrote: “The boys and I would like to do a film about Karate Kid and Cobra Kai, and I hope one day. But this film is not centered on the casting of Cobra Kai. I don’t know much about it but I wish them all the best. ” .

Unfortunately for fans, neither Johnny Lawrence nor Daniel LaRusso will be part of the main plot of the film recently announced by Karate Kid. In the meantime, news is expected from netflix and a renewal for a sixth season of Cobra Kai, because he left unfinished situations and the story can continue, although at the moment they have not made it official.

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