Kendji Girac, the voice of his masters

VIDEO – This singer with an incredible voice ends a long tour and releases a new album. Meeting with an artist who will one day be a great singer.

He’s only 26, but he’s been on stage for almost a decade. With his cunning eye, Kendji Girac seems to be surprised at this longevity. He knows, however, that it owes nothing to chance. Of course, the singer of gypsy and Catalan origin can thank the fairies for his advantageous physique and his remarkable voice. But to last in music, these assets are not enough.

Unlike other singers like Slimane or SCH, Kendji knew how to surround himself with the right people, and this from his victory on the show “The Voice” in 2014. This entourage has constantly pushed him to always go where he was the best. Because beyond his dreamy side, Kendji is a pragmatist who has kept a fertile imagination.

A singer at the school of life

Endearing, he does not deny disturbing questions. Resting on his laurels is not his style, nor is letting success go to his head. To believe that his full and precocious beard, which allowed him younger to “hang out faster with the older ones”, was a sign of wisdom. So, even if his arrivals on stage push his fans to delirium, he keeps a cool head, like a winemaker who never knows what the next harvest will be made of.

His last album, school of life, seems designed to highlight his voice, which is even warmer and deeper than before despite some arrangements with choirs which will date very quickly. There are four high quality duos, with Florent Pagny, Vianney, Soprano and naps.

As if he wanted to leave behind him the image of a singer with babes to rise to the rank of the greats of French song. Kendji has, it is true, never hidden his admiration for a master named Aznavourwhose “the incredible international career singing in French” leaves him dreaming.


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