KHAZAR LISES returns to the obstacles with a good card to play.

Valerie Seignoux (photo) saddle three of his boarders, Friday in Nantes (R-3). She delivered her impressions to our journalist St├ęphane Davy :

“The 3-year-old REILLINGARRY (603)) comes from our breeding. He learned his profession gently in the provinces. It is still in the growth phase but it has a nice model. It will improve over the races. He is a good jumper, quite fluid. According to his last jockey, the horse will be better on the left hand side. I expect confirmation. Note that the relaxed tracks will not disturb him.

KHAZAR LISES (704) has already raced and won over jumps last year. With its gains made over hurdles, we preferred to direct it on the flat, in order to spare it. It is a chic horse, applied and posed. When he’s decided, it’s fine, but know that he’s not always very brave. He is in good shape. The heavy does not bother him. He can be ridden among the leading horses. He returns to the obstacles with a good card to play.

ZADALL (803) is a complete horse. He only raced once in Nantes and fell but he was unlucky that day. At work, he displays a good degree of form. Moreover, this year, we voluntarily alternated with him the flat and the obstacle. Note that it is preferable to relax it well back and thus preserve its final burst of speed. Hoping for a rhythmic race. He is quite fluid in his jumps and will appreciate Nantes. There are serious opponents in the race but he should defend himself very well… I consider him capable of taking a good check. Then, the steeplechase is possible. with him.”

She adds : “NAAQOOES FLOW behaved well last week especially as the racing conditions were not the most favorable to him. Also note that he is a pure left-hander.

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