Kindle 2022 discovery of Amazon’s new e-reader in video

Video discovery of all the new features of the Kindle 2022Amazon offers a new entry-level e-reader. Kindle 2022 is an updated digital book reader with notable changes, especially under the hood.

Check out our Kindle 2022 video before our full review. Click this link to watch the video or below

What’s new for Kindle 2022?

The digital book reader has a 6 inch screen. It is lighter than the previous model, 158 grams vs 174 grams.
75% of the plastics used in the design of this device are recycled.
Kindle has more storage at 16GB so it can significantly increase the number of ebooks in the library.

The device is fully tactile and is equipped with a USB-C port. The 11th generation Kindle has a glare-free 6” 300 dpi high-resolution display. This one offers 3 times more pixels than the previous model.
Kindle 2022 with advertising is 99.99 euros Click here, the one without ads is 109.99€ Click here.

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