La JIMI, concerts and trade show, Ivry/Seine, 07/10

A more heterogeneous evening on Saturday evening at Shed with Zombie Zombie, Gargantua and Gwendoline. While at the Antoine Vitez Theater, we find Al’Tarba, ProleteR and Enae. Side Springboardalways showcases with XCII, The Burmese Days, RG Rough.

And in the afternoon, during the trade fair, on the Robespierre esplanade, the following will be played: the Gluteen’s, Vanessa Philippe, Howard, RPC and Zero Poetry. (FREE ENTRANCE)

During the Saturday afternoon trade showif you are a more or less young musician or group, you will be able to discuss with a hundred structures such as labels, turners, press officers… and also attend conferences on the musical environment led by the GIR, WADAthe MAP.

All complete information and reservations on the site of the JIMI here.

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