La Pommeraie in the spotlight at the Trinkhall: Jean-Marie Heyligen and Paul Duhem

If he is a artistic workshop, which is neither therapeutic nor occupational, where the animator does not intervene in the creation of the artist; where the only listening of the outsider creator is at workit is indeed the workshop of The apple orchard which revealed exceptional talents. Animator Bruno Gerardhimself an artist, has always been the attentive observer of the hatching of a work. The witness of the emergence of an individual and singular creation. He was the assistant of these extraordinary artists, refraining from creating four-handed works! He developed, notes Carl Havelange, the director of the Trinkhall, one of the most important European workshops.

Hats off to Bruno Gérard who has now reached the age limit. He has done a masterful job by his mere presence in the world and his humanist gaze fixed on the work of these singular creators.

Bruno Gérard at the microphone of Pascal Goffaux

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