Launch of the 15th edition of the International Theater Festival

The International Festival of University Theater of Tangier “FITUT 22” was launched on September 15, 2022. After its fourteen consecutive editions successfully completed with great success, the festival comes in a new edition after a health crisis, taking up the challenge of reviving the theater again.

The 15th edition of the festival will renew access to performance halls open to the creation of young audiences for large stages under the theme: “Let’s rekindle the flame of the theatre”. A theme filling a lively feeling and a lot of energy in order to give a new sense of life to the theater. Talented young people from all over the world will be there to present plays promising a friendly and warm atmosphere, an atmosphere that will transport the public to a universe of replicas, scenic movements dealing with different plots. , on the city of Tangier.

The latter being always a host city where this cultural event is held, will welcome national and international troupes as well as the general public to commemorate the old editions of the festival and celebrate a new one. Tangier, a city of diversity and cultural richness, has given birth to many artists from around the world, to artists of all times and in all fields. Boulevards, streets, alleys or even cafes and natural landscapes continue to inspire these visitors to become high-calibre artists.


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