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“Hello Martinique, Harmonik nan kay la!!! “, announced the official Instagram page of the group this Thursday, November 11. Yes, Harmonik is present in Martinique for a tour set in motion from November 11 to 14, 2022. This is an opportunity for Martiniquans who missed the group last August to catch up. Several cities including Morne-Rouge, Diamant, will be able to move to the rhythms of Rodney Noel’s protégés.

On Thursday, November 10, in the evening, everything is in place for total success. Harmonik does not start his tour alone. He is accompanied by the group T-Vice. A perfect combo for compass enthusiasts. 8 p.m., Dj Chouchou begins the evening and keeps the public spellbound by chaining the best-known “hits” in Martinique.

10:45 p.m., Harmonik is ready and Mac D climbs the podium with the title “Diferan”, a hit well known to the public, who did not hesitate to make the trip in large numbers. With 6 albums in their repertoire and 14 years of existence, the group has enough “hits” to keep the public warm for the time granted to them.

From “Cheri Benyenm” to “Incroyable” via “Egziste” and “Nou pap ka separe” taken up with chorister Hélène, the fans of the group, the ladies in particular, appreciated the performance.

Midnight 48, Harmonik ends his performance, thanks the public and announces the group T-Vice.

The technical difficulties encountered by Roberto’s band do not change their desire to play. 1h46, Roberto took over the esplanade with “Moving On” and it was love at first sight. The public, always present in large numbers, takes over the songs with the group at the top of their voices. The famous Robert Martino was to accompany the group for this evening, but for health reasons he could not be there, but his presence was compensated. Brilliantly, Roberto was able to resume the guitar solos that his father had to play.

3:28 T-vice closes the party with carnivalesque sounds and of course the famous “elikoptè” had its place in front of this audience thirsty for pleasure and very satisfied. Some would say that the band at Roberto and Co knows the Martinican formula!

The evening of Friday, November 11 was going to be another great evening for the Harmonik and T-Vice combo, at the Domaine des Oasis, but this evening could not be held following a shooting recorded in the premises on Thursday evening. “Unfortunately we had to cancel the evening because of the incident, but the appointments for Saturday and Sunday are maintained,” said Sanders, one of the singers of the group. On Saturday, November 12, two performances are on the bill: one to be held in the town of Diamant, to close the MartinikCup, a Jet Ski competition. And another in the evening, Harmonik & Jet Live at the North Pole. On Sunday the 13th the group will be at the Man Soufran restaurant, but this time in a more relaxed way since it takes place at the edge of a beach.

Good news for Guadeloupeans – and also for Harmonik – they too will have the chance to receive their dose of “Maturity”. The band will play there this Monday, November 14. “From Martinique being Guadeloupe voye chache nou”, announced the lead singer of the Mac D group, smiling. This extends their tour until November 15. What could be better than a new confirmed date for a band on tour?

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