less cores for the A15 chip

The Apple A15 chip embedded in the Apple TV 4K of 2022 wouldn’t perform as well as the one used on the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14, established the app TV News used by the site FlatPanelsHD as part of its test of Apple’s new media box. Until now, there were two versions of the A15 chip: one with four GPU cores and another with five. For Apple TV, the version with four graphics cores would have been chosen. But on the Apple TV, the A15 chip has another difference with five CPU cores instead of six for the chips used on the iPhone.

Apple TV 2022

Apple therefore seems to be using scrap A15 chips from the iPhone to equip its latest model of Apple TV: it is the principle of chip binning which is also practiced on Macs with Apple Silicon chips. In terms of performance, it’s still mind-blowing for such a small, inexpensive box: the processor is also much faster than what was fitted to previous generation consoles such as the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. On the GPU side, FlatPanelsHD estimates that it should be possible to play video games from Xbox One and Playstation 4 without too many graphic compromises… However, it will take time for the developers to seize these new possibilities: for the moment, the games of the App Store able to take full advantage of the Apple A15 chip are still very few.

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