Letizia of Spain reconciled and touched with her “worst enemy” Marie-Chantal, the queen in Athens

Letizia from Spain reconciled and tactile with her

Letizia of Spain reconciled and touched with her “worst enemy” Marie-Chantal, the queen in Athens – BestImage

This Monday, the funeral of the last king of Greece, Constantin II, takes place in Athens, in the presence of many royal personalities. Particularly awaited, Letizia from Spain shone in black … and in the company of Marie-Chantal from Greece, her “worst enemy”, with whom things now seem to have calmed down after four years of estrangement.

A funeral that promised to be under tension… but which will ultimately be one of reconciliation! Angry since 2018, Letizia of Spain and her “worst enemy” Marie-Chantal of Greece met before the funeral of King Constantine II of Greece this weekend and attended the dinner planned for this Sunday for the guests.

A meal that brought them together for the first time since their falling out… and the least we can say is that the two fifty-year-olds thwarted all the predictions by appearing reconciled, and even very tactile! Both indeed left the dinner arm in arm, in their black dresses (Marie-Chantal’s, signed Dior, was worth more than 8000 euros!), smiling and very close, an attitude that surprised a lot.

She showed her true face

But who is actually due to a reconciliation desired by Marie-Chantal of Greece, the daughter-in-law of the deceased, who would have apologized to the Queen of Spain for her shocking remarks made in 2018. While the whole world had been stunned by seeing Letizia of Spain violently remove the arm of her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia, from the shoulders of her daughters Leonor and Sofia, Marie-Chantal had let go in a tweet: “No grandma deserves such treatment! Wow, she showed her true colors.”

A judgment that did not please Letizia of Spain at all, who never spoke on the subject in …

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