Lewis Capaldi is finally back

More than three years after the dazzling success of his first album, the Scottish singer and musician has just unveiled a new track.

After a few successes – including that of the title Someone You Loved which had topped the UK and US charts – Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent (2019), the debut album by author, composer and performer Lewis Capaldi immediately won over audiences and critics; it ranked first in sales in the United Kingdom – where it was even the best-selling album for five years – in Scotland and in Ireland.

forget me does not break with the habits of the singer, between the melancholy ballad and the pop hit, between a crystalline head voice and a more raspy and deep timbre. Like the songs from his previous album, this new title explores the emotions that accompany breakups and disappointments in love.

Clearly, the public was pining for the return of Lewis Capaldi: forget me accumulated more than two million streams in less than a day.

With the humor that characterizes him and which contrasts surprisingly with the spleen that haunts his lyrics, the singer himself presented forget me in these terms :

My new single is called forget me, and let’s be honest, lyrically it picks up a lot of stuff like before. I meet a woman, she leaves me, I complain in a pop song.

While he recently admitted to being ” too lazy “ to finish his second album, the release of forget me seems to announce the imminent arrival of a new opus. Lewis Capaldi has already announced that the latter would be “a bit more optimistic” than the previous one – but that it will remain “sad and rhythmic”, ” as [s]lovemaking ». Quite frankly, we can’t wait!

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