L’Expression: Streaming News – LG’s 97-inch G2 Oled evo gallery edition ready to make market debut

LG Electronics has announced that the world’s largest OLED TV, the LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV, model 97G2, will soon be available for sale in global markets. Specific launch dates for key markets will be shared in the coming weeks. The 97G2 features an impressive 97-inch display that leverages LG’s self-illuminating OLED technology to deliver immersive visual experiences on a grand scale. With the arrival of the largest screen size in its history, LG’s 2022 OLED TV lineup now offers exceptional 42, 48, 55, 65, 77, 83, 88 and 97-inch options. The undisputed leader in the global premium TV market for nine consecutive years1, LG OLED has become the choice of millions of consumers around the world. OLED TVs use self-illuminating pixels that can be turned on and off individually to reproduce perfect blacks, incredibly natural colors and infinite contrast. Without backlighting, OLED enables unprecedented form factors such as flexible, rollable TVs. At IFA 2022, LG introduced the all-new 97G2 model as part of its expanded lineup of premium TVs, which includes a growing number of stunning, super-sized displays designed for memorable TV experiences at home. The company is also showing off the diversity of its cutting-edge display technologies, with models from its remarkable OLED, Micro LED and QNED TV ranges on display at its IFA stand. According to recent market research, OLED TVs will account for 55% of the European premium TV market this year, and 66% in 2023. The report also predicts that in 2022, global shipments of TVs over 70 inches will reach about 14.9 million units, to reach nearly 17.1 million units next year. With its growing portfolio of large and super-widescreen OLED TVs, LG is well positioned to continue to dominate the premium TV segment in Europe and globally. One of the standouts at LG’s IFA exhibition, the 97-inch LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV uses the company’s OLED evo technology, α (Alpha) 9 Gen5 AI processor and advanced picture algorithms to deliver realistic images and a truly immersive, cinematic viewing experience. The 97-inch G2 Series model also incorporates LG’s Gallery Design, which offers an integrated, seamless look that will instantly elevate the most luxurious home theater room. The 88-inch LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K (model 88Z2) and 86-inch QNED (model 86QNED99) models were the stars of LG’s stunning lineup of 8K TVs at IFA. These two ultrawide models combine impressive size, the superior sharpness of 8K resolution (7680 x 4320) and LG’s latest display technologies to make content of any genre more immersive. With over 33 million self-illuminating OLED pixels, the 88Z2 exhibits an astonishing level of detail, with deep, dark blacks, infinite contrast, and lifelike colors that stay true across a wide viewing angle. As for the 8K 86QNED99, it’s equipped with LG’s Quantum Dot NanoCell and Precision Dimming technologies to deliver crisp, vibrant images on its impressive 86-inch display. LG’s huge 136-inch 4K Micro LED (3840 x 2160) was also showcased in Berlin. This innovative home entertainment solution presents first-class picture quality on a spectacular scale, by combining micrometer-sized self-illuminating pixels with a modular design.

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