Lisa Stansfield, star of the 90s!

” You can’t do this job without being a little crazy. “

After the death of her mother, to whom she was very close, Lisa tries at all costs to get pregnant. She uses in vitro fertilization. The biological clock is ticking. When life disappears, we often feel the need to give life. Despite her many attempts, Lisa does not become pregnant. She is finally relieved. “I really don’t have the maternal instinct. I think I would have been lost with a child!”

In 2019 the artist begins his new world tour, intended to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of his very first album “Affection”, which sold 5 million copies worldwide. Lisa then resumes on stage her greatest successes in this tour called Affection 30 th Anniversary Tour. On stage, she takes the opportunity to declare how much solidarity and feelings seem necessary to her for her compatriots in this troubled period by Brexit.

Lisa Stansfield, now 56, very active on social networks, has not yet finished with the life of an artist.

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