locked text file – Windows 11


I installed W11 a few days ago, I install drivers and programs as I go, it’s not going too badly except that I have 2 problems that I can’t solve. I will describe in this post only the first one.

I am the only one to use the computer, therefore declared administrator.

I know that windows “overprotects” some folders and files that are only unlockable by the permissions procedure, but I have a curious problem:

I create a text file (in a W11 folder, right click, new, text document) I write a few lines, then I close the file, a few days later I re-open, add a few lines, save and for 4 or 5 times with the same manipulation, all is well.

Except that the 6th time (or it could be the 7th or 8th) I add or modify the file and when I want to save it, it tells me that “the file already exists, do you want to save it?” (although this question is not asked when the recording goes well) I click on “yes” and I have this message: You do not have permission to open this file, consult the owner or a administrator…

Being an ordinary text file that I created and that I opened modified and saved several times, I am amazed.

Does anyone know why all of a sudden this lock?


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