Logitech G Pro Racing: Direct Drive and force sensor pedals for a new high-end steering wheel

It’s been a long time since Logitech last updated its racing wheels with major technological innovations – in essence since the G27 of 2013, whose gear-driven force feedback saw only timid evolutions until the G923 of 2020. All that changes today with the launch of the Logitech G Pro Racing bundle, with which the manufacturer ventures into the high-end sim-racing segment for the first time.

The Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel

The G Pro Racing Wheel is therefore a direct drive wheel (or Direct Drive), which means that the axis of the wheel is fixed to the rotor of the force feedback motor. The electromagnetic force of the motor is thus transmitted directly to the hands of the player, without gears or intermediate belts, and therefore without any loss of intensity or reactivity. This technology was previously the prerogative of specialized manufacturers such as Fanatec or Moza.

Very powerful force feedback, and four magnetic paddles

The manufacturer announces a maximum torque of 11 Nm for force feedback – a fairly high figure, compared to the 6 Nm achieved by the Thrustmaster T-GT II (belt drive), or the 8 Nm of the Fanatec CSL DD (direct drive ). It is associated here with the Trueforce technology which had already appeared on the G923, and which intends to refine the feedback by integrating vibrations generated from the audio data of the game.

The Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel

The four magnetic palettes

The steering wheel itself is covered in genuine leather, and offers numerous controls arranged on multiple buttons and dials on the front. But it is especially at the rear that we notice the most notable thing, namely the presence of series of four Hall effect magnetic paddles. In addition to the speed paddles, there are two additional paddles that can be used for clutch control, or for acceleration and braking – mainly for players with disabilities.

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A force sensor crankset (load cell) sold separately

The steering wheel is accompanied by the G Pro Racing Pedals crankset (sold separately), with a load cell brake pedal for a more authentic emulation of the behavior of a real brake pedal. The completely modular design of the crankset allows you to adjust the position of the pedals as you wish, and even to very easily interchange the spring of the brake pedal to modify its resistance.

Logitech G Pro Racing Pedals

We were able to briefly take control of the whole thing with the game Assetto Corsa Competizione, and this first contact was extremely promising. The intensity of the force feedback truly evokes the sensations experienced with enthusiast sim-racing gear, without ever compromising the richness of detail conveyed. The surface changes are remarkably precise, and you immediately feel the slightest wheel that would have the misfortune to start biting on the grass. The pedals also provide excellent sensations, which we would just dare to criticize for a brake pedal that was a bit too soft in our opinion – but this is something that we should be able to adjust to our liking with the complete product.

Top-of-the-range sensations, therefore, which will only be accessible at a top-of-the-range price. It takes no less than 1099 € for the steering wheel alone (base and wheels), to which must still be added 389 € for the pedals – for a total of 1488 € for the complete set. The steering wheel is offered in two versions, one for PS4, PS5 and PC, the other for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Steering wheel and pedals can be ordered now from the Logitech G online store, and will be available in the coming days from third-party retailers.

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