Lorraine North. They all do business in the countryside and it works out pretty well for them!

Trade has always accompanied his daily life. Eva Cerqua nevertheless worked “thirty-seven years in real estate” while selling, with his mother, jewelry that she created with her hands “in parallel”. The idea of ​​completely embracing this field was imposed when the group that employed him proposed to a whole panel of employees to leave with a professional project.

“There is not a drop of paraffin, derived from petroleum, in my products! »

“It was in 2019,” she recalls. I could see myself being offered sandwiches made from squeegee on the fairs ! In the end, she will rather orient herself towards the candles at the suggestion of his daughter, nurse. “Célia had noticed that I was burning a lot of it at home. As a result, we looked for how to make a natural product, vegetable

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