Love, Glory and Beauty, spoilers week of January 23, 2023 in the USA Spoilers in the USA

    – Deacon is forced to hide his sincere feelings for Sheila.

    – Sheila freaks out when Brooke launches into an impassioned plea to Bill.

    – Sheila visits the new owner of the Giardino…

    – Hope eagerly awaits the reviews of her new collection.

    – Eric and Steffy aren’t enthusiastic about Hope’s proposal for “Hope for the Future”.

    – Deacon wants to know what is Sheila’s real interest in dating Bill Spencer.

    – A person we didn’t expect in this role becomes Thomas’s lawyer in front of Hope.

    – Finn puts Sheila in her place when he bumps into her at the Giardino.

    – Katie is determined to save Bill from himself and Sheila!…

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