Lower. Exhibition: Florence Muller at the MdE

From January 26 to March 17, the House of Writings offers an exhibition of paintings by the artist Florence Muller. And on Thursday January 26 at 6:30 p.m., public invitation to the aperitif-meeting in the presence of the artist at the MdE.

As with the dream catchers of the Amerindians, Florence Muller invents a whole series of captures of light on transparent, translucent or opaque screens, organizing multiple readings according to the orientation of the lighting. Natural or orchestrated, this can cause a backlight or be frontal or even lateral, zenithal or spring from the ground. By dancing the light brings highlights and cast shadows, giving an effect of life to the highlighted object. With Florence Muller, there is a strong attraction for the diversity of expressions: working on shapes, movements… A sensual relationship with varied materials that invite tactile contact. She assembles, cuts, tears, bullseye, by gluing… and thus proceeds to highlight their characteristics.

A beautiful work on the colors, the reflections, the moires and the brilliances: “The act is often launched without intention and it is a posteriori, on the reading of the result that it is similar to a constancy, to a family of thought” one reads on its site concerning its creative approach. larbrylinthe.com/index.php

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