Luffy’s True Dream and Im Sama’s Destructive Power Revealed

As (almost) each week, a chapter of One Piece fate, for our greatest happiness. Here are the first clues about Chapter 1060manga with a new appearance of Im sama springing into action and the revelation of Luffy’s dream. We will explain everything to you.

For several hours, on the Internet, information has been circulating about chapter 1060 of One Piece. According to several sources and thanks to leaks, it is possible to say that this chapter will once again be full of twists and crucial information on the rest of the work. So if you are not up to date in the manga, go your way!

Luffy reveals his true dream

One Piece officially enters its final phase, a new era is emerging. The Mugiwaras have finally left Wano Kuni and are heading to a new island to continue their adventures and get closer to One Piece. With a Road Poneglyph in their possession, the crew of Luffy is more than ever in the race to find the treasure of the legendary Gol D. Rogerthe Pirate King.

In this chapter 1060 entitled “Luffy’s Dream”, the new emperor of the seas reveals his true dream to his companions. A page shows us everyone shocked by this announcement without it being explicitly described. The Straw Hats also meet Jewelry Bonneya member of the Terrible Generation, who has a bounty of 320 million berries.

The destructive power of Im

We then see Sabo who keeps calling Monkey D. Dragon. The leader of the revolutionaries had risen against his second following the announcement in the newspapers of the death of Nefertari Cobra, assassinated by Sabo himself. Luffy’s foster brother says he went to Lulucia’s kingdom and saw someone sitting on the supposedly empty throne. Later we see Im again. The person who seems to have the highest authority over the world of One Piece, even ahead of the five deans, has only made one appearance before in the manga. This time, Imwhose face or gender is unknown, holds a card with the kingdom of Lulucia crossed out.

Later, we see black clouds and lightning forming in the sky above King Seki’s kingdom. An object falls from the sky and completely flattens the country. It could be the use of an ancient weapon ora very powerful devil fruit. We’ll likely have more information on these very enigmatic scenes, as there’s no manga break next week.

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