Lunel: the Brassens room and the Castel space in the colors of Spain and flamenco

The culture department is organizing the second flamenco festival on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November. On the program music and dance but also painting and surprises.

Lunel cultivates its difference. Including in cultural matters. On Friday 18 and Saturday 19 November, the 2nd edition of the flamenco festival should confirm this philosophy.

“We are not going to do what is done in Montpellier or Nîmes. We are going to get out of the woods. On Friday, with singer Melchior Campos, we are going to offer a show that stands out and the next day, at Espace Castel, we are going to propose a flamenco fiesta that will allow everyone to participate”enthused the assistant delegate for culture Corinne Poléri.

“This territory has a history with the Spaniards, their culture is deeply rooted here and this festival corresponds perfectly to the idea that we want to highlight an inclusive, attractive and creative culture”, underlined the chosen one, this Friday, at the Espace Feuillade. To detail this second edition, Corinne Poléri and the director of culture at Lunel, Frank Janik, were surrounded by the main actors of the event. In particular of Melchior Campos. The famous flamenco singer is “the spearhead of the two evenings of the festival”insisted the director of culture.

Singing, dancing, exhibition… and bodega

He will first perform in concert, with his musicians and the dancer Kuky Santiago, at the Salle Brassens on November 18, at 8:30 p.m. That evening, he will present his last show entitled Salt and Espumafrom his latest eponymous album which enchanted the public at the opening of the International Guitar Festival in Toulouse and also worked wonders in Bordeaux and Perpignan. “I started my career at the age of 16, I collaborated for a long time with others and, lately, I decided to record a disc that speaks of my roots. I am a gypsy and Andalusian, my parents were born in Morocco. This gives, in my album, a palette of oriental colors associated with sometimes modern rhythms. This show is a journey that does not denigrate traditional flamenco at all but adds new instruments”said Melchior Campos.

This Friday in Brassens, the journey into the world of flamenco will be punctuated by tangos, alegria, solea de Triana revisited, Cuban rhythms too… But as flamenco rhymes with sharing, the next day, Saturday November 19, the organizers propose an evening even more eclectic. This time Melchior Campos will be, with others on the auditorium stage, at 8 p.m., for a “tablao” that will be worth the trip. “It’s common in Seville. There is no editing. It’s total improvisation. We are artists and even without knowing each other, we can improvise several pieces together”, assured the singer. Six people will compose this “tablao”: Melchior Campos and Emilio Cortes on vocals, Manuel Gomez on guitar, Lucas El Luco and Serena de Sousa on dance and Miguel Rodriguez on percussion.

An exhibition “in the colors of the South”

The festival will then conclude at the patio of Castel with a festive moment, open to all and free, of flamenco fiesta. It will always associate music and flamenco dance but not only. “We want to take advantage of this moment to highlight all the arts and invite the public to meet flamenco.”, underlined Franck Janik. Thus, Stéphane Parys, a former artist from Aigues-Mortais now based in Lunel, part of whose works were visible in the arenas during the Pescalune and who signs the poster for this 2nd flamenco festival, will be present. He will hang around twenty canvases in a single format around the patio. an exhibition “in the colors of the South, around bullfighting, the Arlésiennes, where we find the colors of flamenco”, he explained. Paintings and drawings which will be visible in Castel until the beginning of December.

In fact, during this festival, the artist will be omnipresent since his poster has been declined in the form of a canvas. She will sign the decoration of the stages, in Brassens and in Castel. “This will be our common thread”, said Corinne Poléri. The flamenco fiesta will also be punctuated by an equestrian show, in the patio of Castel, thanks to the talent of the breeder and rider Renaud Vinuesa accompanied on the ground and in the dance, by Catherine Mellado.

It should be noted that this last evening of the festival will open at 7 p.m. with Spanish music performed by the music school’s wind band and that, throughout the evening, a bodega will be set up at the ‘Space Castel.

Reservations for the two concerts on Friday and Saturday at the Espace Feuillade. Info on 04 67 87 84 19.

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