MacBook Pro 2023 test review: racing beasts

Should I go to the store tomorrow to buy a MacBook Pro 2023 ? Several media selected by Apple answer this question with their tests of new laptops.

On the form, no change, the MacBook Pro 2023 logically take up the design and the main equipment of the 2021 generation that started from scratch. The compliments are therefore the same as two years ago (impeccable workmanship, magnificent 120 Hz mini-LED screen, excellent quality speakers, variety of ports…), as are the reviews. CNET and Numerama blame a certain overweight, while Pocket-lint would have liked Face ID instead of Touch ID and that Tom’s Guide dislike the notch deemed distracting.

2023 16″ MacBook Pro. CNET Image

While certain Apple choices are therefore still debated, there is nothing to push testers against buying a 2023 MacBook Pro. Already impressive in their 2021 version in terms of power, the 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros are sinking nail by switching to the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. The Verge compares the M2 Max’s GPU (which has 30 to 38 cores) to a GeForce RTX 3070, a good mid-range dedicated graphics card. For exporting 4K video with Premiere Pro, the MacBook Pro M2 Max is the fastest laptop ever tested by the site.

Compared to the M1 Max, the M2 Max chip shows a CPU performance gain of around 20% in multi-core and 10-15% in single-core. always according to The Verge, this acceleration can come at the expense of quietness in intensive use. During a benchmark with PugetBench, the fans began to hum loudly, which had not happened during the same test with a MacBook Pro M1 Max. However, this noise seems to remain rare.

The M2 Pro chip is not such a monster of power as the M2 Max, but it is not demerit, far from it. “I am confident that the M2 Pro is sufficient for most creative professions”summary TechCrunch.

Notable fact: this improvement in performance does not come at the expense of autonomy. According to The Verge, we can count on a few more hours of autonomy compared to the MacBook Pro 2021, knowing that these were already very enduring. In versatile use (web, email, video, etc.), 01net saw his 16″ MacBook Pro turn off after 10:08 p.m., just that.

MacBook Pro 16″ 2023. Image The Verge

One of the (rare) other new features of the 2023 MacBook Pro is support for the WiFi 6E, the next-generation wireless standard that leverages an additional band of frequencies (the 6 GHz) for high speed at close range. The first tests are mixed.

Numerama noted a significant improvement in speeds (more than 900 Mbit/s against 600 Mbit/s for a MacBook Air in the same situation), but also the character “capricious” of the 6 GHz antenna of the Mac: “The larger the file, the more likely it is that the 5 GHz will be the fastest in the end, since the 6 GHz suffers several connection losses which temporarily reduce its speed. » CNETwho also had Wi-Fi 6E connection issues, was able to resolve them by selecting the “Always” option instead of “Only on AC adapter” in the battery system settings.

The HDMI port also goes up a gear. By adopting the HDMI 2.1 standard, it is able to manage a 4K screen at 240 Hz or an 8K screen at 60 Hz, extraordinary screens that no tester obviously had on hand. This HDMI port also supports dynamic adaptation of the refresh rate (Variable Refresh Rate, VRR).

In conclusion, The Verge recalls that even putting aside performance, the MacBook Pro 2023 is far ahead of Windows laptops thanks to the quality of its screen, its speakers, its manufacture or its large trackpad. If it is not Wi-Fi 6E which seems subject to whims, the results are excellent for this new generation. Several testers point out that the 14″ and 16″ MacBook Pros have become so powerful that you have to check if they are really suitable for your needs before going to checkout. For some of the traditional MacBook Pro customers, a MacBook Air M2 is more than enough.

The 14″ MacBook Pro on sale from €2,399 and the 16″ from €2,999. They will be available from tomorrow, Tuesday 24 January. See you soon for our full test. Until then, you can (re)read our exhaustive test of the MacBook Pro 2021.


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