“Magic Charger”: a new MagSafe charger from Apple?

Apple has or had in mind to launch a new MagSafe charging dock for iPhone. This “Magic Charger” spotted by @TheBlueMister consists of a charging roller attached to an aluminum block; like the MagSafe double charger for the Apple Watch, a mechanism makes it possible to raise the roller and thus position the smartphone to comfortably view a video horizontally.

By cons, it seems completely impossible to place the iPhone vertically with this contraption, unless of course it is laid flat. And that may be what has held Apple back, although the accessory has reached the DVT (Design Validation Test) stage. @TheBlueMister was able to plug it into a Mac, where the name of the charger appears (Apple Magic Charger therefore).

To date, Apple only produces three MagSafe chargers (the version for the iPhone): a very simple roller 49 €the famous double charger (159 €) and the external battery (119 €). Will this “Magic Charger” one day appear in the manufacturer’s catalog? Nothing is less certain, it seems that Apple dropped the case in the end.


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