Marionnaud and Revieve launch an AI for sun care consulting in Italy

The European specialist in the selective distribution of beauty products called on Reviveto develop a digital advisor in solar products for its customers in Italy. Dubbed the “AI Suncare Advisor,” this tool was designed to provide consumers with a hyper-personalized experience that helps them find the best suncare routine for their skin, environment and lifestyles.

Go beyond received ideas

Sun care products have always had a bad reputation. Most people think they are sticky, impractical, and only suitable for one skin type. This reputation and the lack of education in the proper use of the sun makes some people reluctant to protect themselves. “, Explain Sampo Parkkinen, CEO of Revive. ” At the same time, consumers are more eager than ever for personalized products to better protect their skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure. “.

This discrepancy prompted Revive and Marionnaud to develop a new way to enlighten consumers on the importance of sun protection and to help them better understand their skin problems and particularities, while supporting them in their personal journey in terms of sun care.

The challenge was to deliver all of this in a seamless digital experience », underlines Sampo Parkkinen.

A personalized online experience

Available on the retailer’s website, the experience consists of three simple steps.

First, consumers share their concerns and expectations regarding sun care. They then submit a selfie which is analyzed by patented algorithms based on cutting-edge data to detect essential skin problems linked to sun exposure, such as hyperpigmentation, melasma, freckles and wrinkles. Finally, the user obtains an optimized routine proposal from a selection of products Marionnaud.

AI Suncare Advisor makes it easier for customers to find sun protection products that match their sun care goals. By considering each user’s lifestyle, AI Suncare Advisor enables customers to Marionnaud self-educate about their skin’s health and needs by considering their skin tone, skin type, personal skin health issues, lifestyle, and environmental factors that may affect their skin concludes Sampo Parkkinen.

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